5 Alternative Fashion Styles for Women

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Fashion is only one of the ways to express oneself. Subcultures such as grunge, goth, street, steampunk, punk, and hipster are synonymous with alternative fashion. While alternative fashion encompasses a wide range of genres, each style stood out from the mainstream and mass appeal of commercial fashion for a time. There are several alternatives available nowadays, and even these are being reinvented daily.

As with every new style, what started as a protest against the status quo can catch the public’s attention and become a common trend. You can visit BritainReviews to check different fashion alternative styles. Many people who dress in contemporary alternative fashion disagree with the ideas that initially influenced the style, but women have positive reviews about fashion styles. There are thousands of styles and cultures to choose from, ranging from the surprising to the slightly off. Consider checking lesbians dating apps reviews to see women’s feedback on their fashion.

Here are a few examples of alternative fashion trends for women to consider.

  • Goth

The Goth movement can be traced back to England in the 1970s. Early goth culture arose from the British rock scene there, gradually making its way to the United States. From there, the goth movement branched out into numerous gothic subcultures. It is now steadily making an appearance in the mainstream fashion industry around the world.

Corsets, pale makeup handkerchief hems, and dark colours, mainly black, are among the more well-known gothic garments. You can see a corset-inspired bodice with a full, lacey handkerchief-hem skirt on many gothic dresses. With this mystical and exotic theme, anyone can feel like a true gothic beauty.

  • Urban/ Street

This refers to a style that is influenced by hip-hop and R&B music. It gives ready-to-wear products a unique spin by seamlessly combining high-end and low-end pieces. Urban fashion, also known as urban-chic or streetwear fashion, is multi-cultural mainly, with a strong African American influence.

The sportswear that has been glammed up with jewellery is still an everyday fashion statement these days. There are many other street products to choose from, some of which are more common than others. However, what urban style is really about is wearing commonplace things that any urban kid might find and throw on. It’s city-ready fashion with a dash of bling.

  • Steampunk

Steampunk clothing isn’t just one look; it’s an interpretation of what the style means to the person wearing it. It’s a mix of Victorian and futuristic elements, with a bit of steampunk thrown in for good measure. Victorian corsets, gears, top hats, bustle tops, and leather are all staples of steampunk wear. However, it is about imagining and engineering new ways to reinvent oneself. This is why most clothing and accessories have unique features like hidden compartments, hidden arms, and complicated contraptions.

  • Greasers

Greasers from the 1950s are also reflected in the staple bits of a punk rock wardrobe. The foundation is created by jeans, tailored tees, and motorcycle jackets, which are then layered with ingenuity in the accessories. It’s …

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